Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bedtime Stories

Reading before bed has been something that we have done since Harrison was born.  It's what we do.  It has always been a fun and rewarding time with the boys.  We were slightly challenged when we started reading to the boys at the same time; what books will be appropriate?  What books will keep both their attention?  Etc.  We got over that challenge and life has gone on, reading blissfully.  Until last night.

There is always random commentary during our stories.  I will ask Harrison if he comprehended what the chapter was about.  Harrison will ask what the sloth really does all day.  I will have Bennett point to the giraffe.  And occasionally Bennett will ask "Whas dat?"  Until last night.

Last night the world changed.  Last night reading books with Bennett became almost unbearable.  Last night Bennett asked "Whas dat" no fewer than 1,000 times.  And he asked things like:

Whas dat?  -  It's a tree, Bennett.
Whas dat?  -  It's a ball, Bennett.
Whas dat?  -  It's a house.
Whas dat?  -  It's a mouse.  Matty, remember?  (We were reading a story about Matty the mouse)
Whas dat?  -  Tree
Whas dat?  -  Ball

I think you get the picture.  AND after every response I gave to his question he would say "Oh" like a tree was a new concept he has never heard of before.  It was cute and funny at first.  Harrison had to ask why I was giggling.  Then it became maddening and annoying.  Do you know how hard it is to read a story with someone talking over you, asking you questions?!?!

I finally finished the story, put the boys to bed and promised never to read to Bennett again.

This morning, Bennett and I headed down to the farmer's market.  Short drive.  Little to see.  I got the usual "WATER!" and "TRAIN" when we went over the Raccoon River and train tracks and then we turned onto MLK Jr Parkway.  This is when the assault started again.  "Whas dat?  Whas dat?  Whas dat?"  OMG!  Was he put here to torture me?  He is just randomly pointing out the window asking what things are and expecting me to know what he is pointing at.  Does he not realize that I am driving?!?!  And again.  We are talking about pretty simple things that this kid already knows.  Buildings, trees, bridges, windows, etc.  Once he pointed to a motorcycle and I answered "big truck."  He paused and said "No, motorcycle!"  Maddening!

I talked to my friend Kari about this this afternoon and she said that this was his way of trying to start a conversation with me.  I tell you, I have enough conversations with Harrison.  Do I have to talk to this child as well?!

Even tonight at dinner he was asking what was on the table.  Soda.  Plate.  Taco.  Eventually Harrison said "Here we go again!"  Bless his heart.

So bedtime came and I decided to break my promise not to read and picked out Harold and the Purple Crayon.  This book is one of Harrison's favorites and minimalistic in it's pictures.  I was hoping for the best.  And I didn't hear one "Whas dat" throughout the whole book.  Awesome, right?  No.  What I did hear was "Baby" on every page.  And if I didn't let him know that I heard him say "Baby"  and point to the baby on EVERY page he wouldn't let me turn the page.  Eventually he started describing what the baby was doing and that was sort of ok as reading should be a learning experience, but...

It's the end of the day and I don't really want to hear the sound of my own voice let alone the voices I have been trying to ignore all day.

Well, time to go tuck them in.  They are asleep already, but I can't resist going in every night to make sure they are sleeping peacefully and get a look at them one last time before I go to bed.  Darn Mommyhood.  Can't help but love it!

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Tome said...

"I tell you, I have enough conversations with Harrison. Do I have to talk to this child as well?!"

That made me laugh. I feel your pain.