Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lazy Days

Usually lazy days in summer involve some sort of water activity outside in the morning when you can still stand the heat and humidity and then reading, drawing or relaxing inside with toys in the afternoon because you can't stand the heat outside.  Not this summer!  We have barely even had the air conditioning on.  It has just been beautiful all day long.  The downside to this is that if we do anything with bathing suits and water I have shivering, cold wet boys after about 5 minutes.  

So to keep water as part of our summer I invested in 4, $.99 cent water bottles.  They are WONDERFUL!  Harrison, Bennett and I were at a play-date with his preschool about a month ago.  We were at the wading pool and a mom brought out some water bottles.  Harrison and his friend Adrienne were instantly jealous.  Eventually they got to use them to and the rest is history.  We went right to Target and got our most treasured summer possession.

The boys love these water bottles.  And to me, who has no guns in the house, they are perfect for water fights and just plain old spraying.  And that is how we started at our house.  Bennett and Harrison just wanted to spray things.  They sprayed the deck, they sprayed the fence, they sprayed the ants.  They just sprayed.  And I filled and refilled and refilled water bottles.  Eventually my brilliance popped to the surface and I got a bucket of water out so that they could refill their own water bottles.

Somewhere along the way Bennett discovered that he could suck the water out of the bottle.  This is kind of funny and kind of gross all at the same time.  It's not like it is dirty water, but the bucket wasn't fully sanitized from all the dust and dirt it contained.  And then he taught Miles how to suck water out of the bottle.  Letting my own child drink and eat dirt is one thing, but someone else's precious baby... I cleaned the bucket.  But, kissing cousins they are - water bottles get shared - germs will get shared! 

Regardless, the boys have had a GREAT time with $.99 cent toys and I still haven't bought a toy gun!  Water or otherwise.

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