Saturday, June 14, 2008

What a weekend

It is only Saturday morning and I am already wore out! Yesterday I helped set up the reception site, went to the the rehearsal and then went to the rehearsal dinner. Not really that much but my mind is just racing. There is so much to think about and I just hope Harrison does a good job at the wedding. He did great at the rehearsal so my fingers are crossed. His tux is soooooo cute. I can't wait to post pictures. Then there is the whole scenario of the reception tonight. I am hoping that Kelly's sister can come and watch the boys up in Greg and Pam's hotel room. That would be ideal. Kelly is Ben Lorentzen's girlfriend and she has a little boy, Noah. (Ben is one of Chris' cousins) He is turning 5 on Monday. He and Harrison get along great so I think it would work out perfect. We will see.

This morning Harrison was a pill. He was downstairs helping Grandpa with some water leakage and he came up to find me in 'his spot' at the table. He proceeded to tell me, in quite a big voice, that he was not happy with the situation. He even did a little head wiggle to compliment his attitude. I teared up trying not to laugh, but was semi-able to let him know my disappointment in his behavior. Where does he get that attitude?!

Bennett is continuing his quest to conquer grandpas. He has my dad floating on cloud 9 after the vacation and now he has Greg feeling like he is the most special grandpa ever. Bennett practically jumps out of your arms to get to my dad and Greg and then when you don't let him, he gets mad and cries! What a pistol. Chris is the one that tops the list though. When he comes in the room, you know who is Bennett's favorite. I am a little put off! :)

Tim Russert died yesterday of a massive heart attack. My heart breaks for his family. Too often people separate their professional lives from their personal lives, but not Tim Russert. He oozed love for his family at every turn. He wrote a book about his relationship with his father and he never stopped sharing stories about his son. The news of his death is just such a shock. Sunday mornings won't be the same.

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