Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Miles withdrawal

  I am going through a little Miles withdrawal.  Miles Paul Lorentzen is almost 5 months old.  I take care of him during the day but his mom (Claudia) is a teacher so she is off for the summer.  Miles, like most babies, is a stinker.  He won't sleep when he needs to and he wants to be held all of the time.  He's wonderful!  I get to see him at Ryan's wedding this weekend.  (Chris and Andy-Miles' dad-are cousins) I can't wait!  I am sure he has changed so much since I took these photos.

The water continues to be an issue in the state of Iowa.  Saylorville Lake is full so they are having to slowly let water out which is going to flood areas south of the dam.  This includes downtown Des Moines.  The historic Suspension Bridge, built in 1906, in Charles City was lost to flood waters on Sunday night.  It is the worst flooding in Charles City in recorded history.  Whole towns are being evacuated through out Iowa because of the water.  So, in hindsight, the 6 inches I complained about on Friday are really nothing to be even mentioning.  Did you hear about the families in Wisconsin who had to watch their entire homes be washed away?  Incredible what nature can throw at us.
Speaking of water... we got the baby pool out today.  What a hit!  I barely mentioned getting the pool out before Harrison had his clothes off and was naked!  I put the hose in the pool to wash the layer of dust off of it and Bennett was in the pool so off were his clothes as well!  So much for modesty in the city.

Bennett is in awe of his teeth.  He has been a 2 teeth baby since he was 6 months old.  The bottom front two were the first to come.  Well, in the past week he has gotten 3 on top and he loves to use them.  He bites down on a cracker and smiles to himself because he just 'crunched' it.  I wonder what he is thinking as the cracker cracks in half.  It even makes a great crunching sound.  Too fun!

Harrison hasn't gotten off of vacation lingo.  During our drive, we would try and find good rest stops or areas where we could get out of the car and 'run around' for a little while.  Well, today we were out running errands and he wanted to get out of the car forever.  "I just want to find a place to run around mama!"  I love him... 

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