Monday, June 16, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Neipert

Ryan and Kaylee's wedding was wonderful.  The backyard was beautiful and Kaylee's dress was breathtaking.  It was not tan.  That would be an awful color to describe it as, but it really wasn't off white either.  It looked almost vintage.  And it looked great on her!  We woke up to a beautiful say on Saturday.  The high was right around 84 so it was going to be a little warm, but all-in-all it would be great.  Until 3:45 rolled around (the wedding was at 4:30 - outdoors).  The clouds started to roll in.  As we were sitting and waiting for things to get started we thought that this could work out.  The clouds provided a nice blanket from the sun.  Then, just as the grandparents were being seated, around 4:20, it decided to start sprinkling.  The wedding went on and at times the rain was a little heavy, but nobody got soaked.  I unfortunately missed most of the wedding because, as expected, Bennett wanted his dad so I had to go to the back.  Ben and Dan didn't get to play their orchestral selection, which would have been wonderful, but otherwise the wedding was very beautiful.  I do have to admit that my child was the cutest one there.  Have you ever seen such a cute little man?!  He walked down the aisle all by himself and smiled at all of the people.  It was great!  And this cuteness happened by accident.  Harrison stayed up until 10:30 Friday night because of the rehearsal dinner.  I then got him up around 6:15 so that he would take an early nap and be ready for photos at 2:00.  Well - this didn't happen.  He laid in bed for 2 hours and didn't sleep a wink.  When he gets tired like that, he gets belligerent and mad.  I was ready to cry.  But, once he got to the house and he and his dad talked, everything was fine.  He crashed hard in the car on the way to the reception and even slept on the floor at the reception site for 10 minutes.  That was enough for his second wind and he was a fun machine at the reception!  He played with his friends, Brody and Noah.  They danced and ran and had a great time.  Bennett was pretty adorable as well.  What can I say, I have beautiful children!  Or as Harrison would say, 'Mama, girls are beautiful, boys are handsome!'

I didn't get a photo of Ryan and Kaylee together.  I will have to link to the photog's website later.  The photo up top is of the 7 cousins and their significant others.  Christopher's mom has 2 sisters.  The 3 sisters had 7 boys.  From left to right are Andy Lorentzen and his wife, Claudia (Miles' parents), Dan Lorentzen and his wife, Maegan, Ben Lorentzen and his girlfriend, Kelly, Ryan and Kaylee, Matt Rizzo and his girlfriend, Marissa, Christopher and I and then Mike Rizzo and his wife, Jenn.  It is a fun group and we love to get together.  The following pictures are from the reception.  It was a great time.

My fine family!  
Mother-son dance.  I don't remember the song!  Sorry!
Tried to take a candid of Kaylee and Ryan cheesed his way in!
Dan is a dancing fool and Maegan is always so proud!  Aren't Matt and Marissa the cutest?!
The new brother and sister-in-law.

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