Thursday, June 19, 2008


Bennett can say the word 'dog' and it is about the cutest thing going on at my house right now.  He woke up from his nap this afternoon and saw Maddie and Abby and he pointed at them and said 'dog.'  And then he just kept saying it as he got his diaper changed and walked around following them, saying 'dog - dog - dog.'  It was great!  Other words that Bennett knows are:

1.  Night-night (he says this 'ni-ni' and this is also what I would consider to be his first word - he also gives a little baby wave when he says it.  Too cute!) 
2.  Mama
3.  Dada
4.  Hi (this is happening more frequently and also with complete strangers.  He seems to be quite polite!)
5.  Hair-sn - (I have yet to hear this but mom swears she heard him say it on Tuesday when Harrison walked by - we will work on this one tomorrow)
6.  Ahhh (this is with the intonation going up and happens when he is "talking" on the cell phone)
7.  All gone & all done (these are used interchangeably and are always accompanied by his arms up and to the sides and his palms up - very funny! - similar to the "I don't know" hand gesture)

We got a new slide for the yard a couple of days ago.  My mom had gotten out of class and was waiting for Chris when across the road she spotted some treasures.  So across the road she goes and soon after, they show up at home with a Little Tykes slide that smells of cat pee.  Dumpster diving is not my favorite thing.  After 2 Mr. Clean Magic Erasers and lots of water - it almost looks like new and it smells great.  The boys love it.  Check out Bennett's hair!  I guess dumpster diving isn't all bad.

Harrison and I played a little chase this evening.  (Chris sprayed for bugs last night so we can play outside in the evening for a few days - the mosquitos were terrible!)  Sometimes I don't know how Harrison can breath.  He gets running and laughing and can hardly contain his excitement.  He also likes to have a ball when we are playing this game.  It is a race to see who can get the ball first and then whoever gets it gets to throw the ball at the other person.  Tonight I surprised Harrison and got the ball wet and threw it at him.  He then thought he would sneak onto the deck and get the ball wet and try to get me.  Failed attempt but fun to watch him work through the scenario of trying to best me.

On our trip to Florida, James reminded me why he was my favorite nephew.  He and Harrison were getting a little tired of each other and I decided that it was time James went outside and tried out his new tee ball set from Grandma and Grandpa (early birthday present).  While we were out playing, James was insistent that he hit the ball and then I would hit the ball.  Every time it was my turn he would say "And now up (pause) - Mr. Aunt Beth."  The first time he said it I couldn't really tell what he was saying.  I mean, it sounded like Mr. Aunt Beth, but could that really be what he said?  But, he must have said it 15 times and it is just so adorable.  James went to his first Cubs game last night in Tampa Bay so I know that there will be lots of baseball in his future.

Rant for the day - straws - Mom went into Kum-n-Go this afternoon to get a soda and was having trouble finding a straw.  She said she was starting to feel and look a little dumb when a nice gentleman politely stated that you had to get your straw at the counter.  So mom goes up to pay and sure enough, after they had he $$$, they gave her a straw.  Can you believe that?  Corporate convenience store chains are losing so much money on people filling up their cups, taking a sip and then topping off with a little more soda that they have to ration out the straws at the counter.  Come on.  Are people really being that greedy or is corporate America sticking it to us once again.  I really want to believe that corporate America is wrong.  After reading the newspaper and listening to the news day after day about the floods and the generosity of thousands of people filling sandbags and helping neighbors in times of need, how can you be more proud to be part of this great nation.  But then you read the story about 2 teenagers in Cedar Rapids who get caught looting flood ravaged homes and you get the feeling someone just might have to take straws away to keep us honest.  I strive for a better America and more importantly a better world.  I am thankful for what I have and even struggle sometimes not be be jealous or spiteful over what other people have that I don't.  It's the love you create around you that makes people want to be honest with you not the material items you have.  I propose that for Kum-n-Go's next promotion (currently they are doing a soda vs pop contest) they do a sip and top off marketing campaign.  That makes me feel welcome at their store, not like a thief they don't trust.

Well - I rambled and am not sure I made a lot of sense but, oh well.  

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