Sunday, June 29, 2008

Busy, Busy

I have always thought of Sunday as a day of rest and if you look at my house right now (a mess!) you will see that I often live by that philosophy.  But we have had a very busy day regardless of the sloppy house.  It started out with my trip to the doctor this morning for my 3rd diagnosis in 2 months (2nd within a week & a half) of strep throat.  This doctor put me on  a penicillin derivative so we will see what happens.  I have a possible allergy to penicillin.  So I took my first pill at 10:00 am and my throat has not swelled shut as of yet.  Here's to hoping.  

After a quick stop at the store for milk and eggs, the family was off to the Arts Festival.  The Arts Festival of Des Moines is one of the biggest art events in the country.  The art there is amazing and so interesting.  Maybe when I am able to afford my vacation home in Dubai I will be able to afford one of the pieces from the festival!  Harrison had a great time.  He did spin art, spray art, made a tambourine, and painted a tile for a project at one of the middle schools.  And he got a stress ball.  At one point he is saying "Oh my gosh - how lucky am I?  I got to paint, I got a ball,I got to make a bracelet - what a great day!"  That kid cracks me up!  Bennett was just happy to take it all in and eat most of Christopher's kettle corn.

Once we got home, Chris and Harrison started their project (after a little quiet time!).  Don't you love my new porch swing?!  I am so excited about it.  Pam got it for us at the 2nd fiddle sale in Davenport.  One of the first things I wanted when we bought this house was a porch swing and now after 1 year and 1 day of buying the house I have one.  Some dreams do come true!  Chris and Harrison were both in the attic trying to get the thing hung.  They were filthy.  Once they were done, we sat down on the swing for a picture.  Chris had me stop to take the picture and then when I backed up to go again Harrison fell right off.  The look of surprise was priceless. hehe. 

Harrison finished his day by doing the cutest thing.  He looked at Bennett and said "Come hear Bennett - let's draw with chalk."  Bennett followed him and for over 30 minutes they sat on the ground and drew with the sidewalk chalk.  Brothers...

And now on to more cherries.  What shall I make?!  I think a cobbler or a crisp is what I am going to choose.

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