Saturday, June 28, 2008


I went to Sex and the City last night!!!  It was sooo good.  I can't wait to see it again.  I am still considering what my favorite part is, but I think it has to be the scenes in Mexico or the scenes between Jennifer Hudson and Sarah Jessica Parker.  Too fun.  I went with Claudia and Megan.  We had a great time.  We went out for coffee afterwards and got kicked out of the coffee shop because they were closing and then had to drive around because we weren't done talking.  It feels good to have friends like that again.  I never stop missing Kara.

So life at the Neipert household has been fairly mundane.  We really can't stand to be inside that much and so when it rains it is almost like torture!  I put all of the toys on the front porch and that has been pretty nice.  We can play out there and kind of still feel like we are outside.  My garden is doing good but needs weeded in a bad way.  Now, when it is wet, is a great time to weed but then your hands get so muddy.  I don't mind dirt, but mud is not my friend.

We went home on Tuesday for Gpa Bob's funeral.  Very sad affair.  It was lovely and a great tribute, but sad nonetheless.  I didn't go to the visitation Tuesday night so Bennett and Harrison and I went to the mall to get Ryan and Kaylee a wedding gift (late!) and Kaylee a birthday gift (also late).  While we were there I let the boys ride on one of those mall rides.  They had the best time on that little ride.  I think it might be time to go to Adventureland again!  Kaylee's mom watched the boys while we went to the funeral and then I went and got them to go to the luncheon in Durant.  

Ryan and Kaylee came up today.  We went to the Farmer's Market and had burritos and dutch letters.  I don't think that Ryan and Kaylee had eaten Dutch Letters before.  They are so yummy!  I have hydrangeas blooming right now and they are beautiful.  I have several bouquets throughout the house.  One stem at the market is $2.00.  I could make a bunch of money!  Also, a pint of tart cherries run around $2.50 so I could make it big with those as well.  I made a cherry pie on Thursday.  Mmmm.  It is tart, but very good.  I am going to make cherry crisp next and then probably just freeze the cherries.  Harrison likes to eat them right off the tree and he calls it his cherry forest!  He told his dad today that he would be so 'cited to come see his cherry forest.  

Ryan and Kaylee came up to purchase Andy's old Honda.  Ryan sold his truck and needed a beater that got good gas mileage.  They are saving up to move to Des Moines.  I think they are really serious about the whole thing.  I am excited to have them here.  I hope they find a house close to us!

Jealousy is still the running theme in our house and it comes in the form of Harrison.  His world revolves around what Bennett is doing.  Is Bennett up?  I want to get up before Bennett.  Is Bennett dressed?  I want to get dressed before Bennett.  What is Bennett having?  I want to have that too.  I don't want to wear this white shirt.  I want to wear the shirt Bennett is wearing.  The whole process is enough to drive me crazy except that I am dealing with my own jealousy.  My boys love me and I fully realize this.  But they adore their father.  Harrison runs to Chris when he gets home.  He wants to show him everything and he responds better to him when he is angry.  Bennett wakes up and says Dada.  Bennett gets dressed and says Dada.  Bennett throws a fit if I take him from his dad.  Oh, to feel the love! :)

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