Friday, June 20, 2008

Best Friends & Clapping

While listening to a little Ralph's World in the kitchen this morning, Harrison and I began dancing.  This has become a fairly common occurrence in our household.  Anyway, midway through our dance session of twirls, twists and shoulder shaking Harrison says 'We're just like best friends, Mama.'  I didn't have the heart to tell him that best friends don't put you in time out after you refuse to share puzzle pieces with your brother so I just relished the moment of my precious boy loving me so much.

Speaking of puzzles, before Harrison was sent to timeout for not sharing, we were all doing puzzles at the coffee table.  We have puzzle that is of different colored shapes and it is Bennett's favorite right now.  With just a little help he can put all of the pieces in the correct spots.  What makes this really adorable is that after he puts a piece in the correct space, he looks up at you, smiles and then claps for himself.  It's his way of saying 'what a good boy am I!'

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