Monday, June 16, 2008 ice cube

Bennett has been something else today.  Whenever I am around he needs to be held or RIGHT next to me or he starts crying.  And when I say crying, I mean high pitched screaming.  You can tell he is just mad, but my goodness - enough already.  Mom finally took him and I went into the house and cleaned and made lunch and they had a great time.  But as soon as I came into view, it was more crying!  One of the ways that my mom was keeping him occupied was an ice cube.  He would put it in his cup and look at it and then take it out, suck on it and put it back in the cup.  We were commenting on his ice cube and Harrison must have heard us.  From the living room we hear, 'I want an ice cube.'  So grandma gets him an ice cube in a cup and he picks it up and sucks on it and says ' ice cube.'  It was too cute.

Bennett is officially a walker.  He woke up yesterday morning and decided enough was enough.  He is cruising around everywhere.  He can walk from room to room and can even stop and change directions.  He gets up all on his own so well and is so proud of himself.  We were in the garden today and he stood up, smiled  and clapped for himself.  What a big boy!  I went from a toddler and a baby to a kid and a toddler.  My how times change.

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