Monday, June 23, 2008

Life on the farm

Oh, what I wouldn't do to move back home to the farm.  I love it there.  The openness, the peacefulness, the ability to have the garden of my dreams.  So much room and so few people!!!  My mom and I threw a bridal shower for Emily on Sunday in Andover.  So we all (Chris, me, Harrison, Bennett, Gpa and Gma) all piled into the van Saturday morning to head to Gpa and Gma Wilcke's.  I was concerned that this would be too much for my grandparents, but the weekend seemed to go well.  I made lasagna for dinner Saturday night so Gma didn't have to worry about that and we all pitched in with clean up and most importantly kept the kids entertained, outside or at Randy and Marcy's!  Grandpa had his kidney removed on June 4th and is still recovering.  There was cancer everywhere in the kidney, but when they cut him open and removed it, they were grateful to find that they could not see cancer any where else.  But, nonetheless, recovery has been much slower than Gpa would have hoped for.  He has a lot of pain internally where the kidney used to be and is often very weak.  He spent quite a bit of time in his chair relaxing while we were there.  Gma is doing well, but is just getting around a bit slower than she would like.  She is very used to getting up in the morning and going.  Doing laundry, planting flowers, anything.  Now she says that is her hardest part of the day.  She just doesn't get enough energy to get going until almost after lunch.  My mom is afraid it is time for them to move off the farm.  

Harrison had a great time on the farm.  
He didn't get in trouble for using his loudest voice (he stood on top of a tree stump and shouted 'Hello World!'  It was hilarious.).  He got to eat sweet clover to which he says is the best thing he has ever had.  He got to see a wild turkey.  He found a rock pile that had millions of rocks (he sat at the pile for a long time looking at all the different shapes - too cute!).  And he got to ride on a tractor with Gpa!  Honestly, on the tractor ride, I am not sure who had more fun!  Next time we will go to the woods.  I can't wait to see him play in the creek.

Bennett's fascination with stairs has not come to an end.  He and my dad were outside for more than 20 minutes playing on the front stairs/sidewalk.  He would go down the first set of stairs, get up and start screaming as he walked to the second set of stairs and then turn around and clap while walking back to go up the stairs again.  This scenario played many, many times but Bennett didn't seem to tire!  He just kept screaming and clapping.

The shower on Sunday was very nice.  I think that everyone had a good time and only a handful of people there had ever met Emily so it was nice for them to meet here before the wedding.  Amber Matthiesen was there so I got to meet the newest baby.  Her name is Emily as well!  So, if we go down the family line, Great Grandpa & Great Grandma Mohr now have - Harrison Neipert, Owen Hope, James Wilcke, Molly Matthiesen, Clayton Grantz, Jacob Hope, Kaitlyn Wilcke, Bennett Neipert, Ethan Matthiesen, and Emily Matthiesen.  That is 10 great-great grandchildren.  It is too bad they only got to meet Harrison but I know that they are smiling in heaven right now!

Today was another day in paradise.  We called James this morning to wish him a happy 3rd birthday.  Harrison, mom and I weeded outside for what seemed like hours and Bennett took 3 naps totaling 5 1/2 hours.  Tomorrow we make cherry pie!

P.S.  Chris was just laying with Harrison and Chris said to Harrison - 'Give me a hug.'  Harrison hugged him and said 'Why did you want a hug?'  Chris told him that he loved hugs from him and always wanted hugs from him.  A couple minutes later Chris got up to go and Harrison said "See, you just wanted a hug because you were going to leave!"  Can't get anything by him! :)

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