Monday, June 23, 2008

Robert Barclay McClean

About 2 hours after I posted my blog on Friday, Christopher called home to let me know that his grandfather had passed away.  I was in a bit of shock as we had just seen him at Ryan's wedding 6 days ago.  But at the same time I was happy for Bob because he hadn't had the best time with his heart lately and I knew now that he was with June (Chris's grandmother passed away in 1995).  On Sunday, Bob and his brother Joe left to go to Canada on a fishing trip.  They were headed back in the car on Friday when Bob passed away.  Joe took him to the hospital in International Falls, Minnesota but there was nothing they could do.  In the 12 years that I knew Gpa I can not say that I knew him well.  You always look back and think that you should have asked more questions; spent more time, etc.  But I did know that Gpa loved to be surrounded by his family.He always smiled so big at family functions when he got to see his 7 grandsons.  And when he first meet Harrison at Christmas in 2004 he just couldn't get over the fact that Harrison was so little.  I will miss him very much.  You can find his obituary in the Quad City Times.

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