Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sun Tea

I love sun tea.  It is one of my favorite things.  And I don't mind lemon it my tea, but I really love it just strong and plain.  I bought a new pitcher at Hy-Vee of all places.  It was a whopping $5.99 and it is great.  It has a lid that screws on and has a handle and a spout!  It also has the spout on the side near the bottom so that I can just pour it into my glass without lifting the jar.  Genius!  The jar has strawberries and leaves all over it so it is not my absolute favorite to look at, but not everything can be as nice to look at as me!

Harrison had an interesting afternoon yesterday.  He was very mouthy and was really very selfish when playing with his brother.  He has always been really good at playing with Bennett and letting Bennett see things and join him.  There are the occasional arguments but nothing serious.  But yesterday we brought home the new water table (I took the other one back) and Harrison did not want to share.  There are 2 heights on the table and Harrison took all of the water out of the top section and put it in the bottom section and then expected Bennett to play at the top section with no water so he could play at the bottom, with all of the toys I might add.  After we discussed this for a couple of minutes he concluded that I needed to go back to the store to get the other water table for Bennett so that he could have this one.  After we discussed this for a couple of more minutes he brought out his famous "FINE" and left the deck.  Bennett and I played for a while longer and then I took Bennett to the front yard so that I could finish mowing.  Harrison was on the porch playing.  After about 5 minutes he came out and came over to me.  I stopped the mower and he asked (and I am not lying) "Why aren't you and Bennett playing with Bennett's water table?"  Now, he said this very sarcastically and vindictive like he had been told that it wasn't his and he could not longer play with the table.  Where does a 3 year old get an attitude like this and why is he able to use such mature language AND where am I failing at the respect your elders and parents part of parenting?  He is exhausting!!

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