Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ready for Spring

We are ready for spring around here.  I found it more intimidating taking four children out and about than I thought I thought I would this past winter.  I had plans to go to the Science Center, the mall to the play place, etc.  But it never really materialized.  We staying indoors a lot!  So when we got two really nice days last week, we were outside the whole time!

Bennett and Will were in love with the puddles.  I had thrown some leftover snow into the driveway and when it finally formed puddles they were in heaven. 
Splashing with their hands or feet.  It didn't matter.  My mom came to stay with me for a couple days as I had parent/teacher conferences and then a baseball meeting to attend.  She put snow in the truck for the boys and took Harrison for a very long walk.  
I think they had a great talk.  I wonder what family secrets have been spilled!  I was glad she was able to help me.  It is always easier with her hear.  And it was so fun seeing the boys outside again.  We took them on a wagon ride, went to watch cars and even played in the yard a little (still really wet).  

Bennett's favorite thing was the water or 'wa-r' as he calls it.  I would say for the past week, everywhere we go he points out the water.  It is so funny because he is so giddy when he sees the water he can barely speak, but he does anyway, 'wa-r, wa-r, wa-r.'  And then of course he tries to put it in a sentence and have a conversation with me.  Today he and I went to Sam's Club and he spoke to me in a much more informational way.  His voice was kind of high pitched and he was showing me all of the puddles in the parking lot.  At one point even turning my face for me!  Anyway, when it was time to come inside that day, my mom had to strip Bennett down to his diaper.  He was soaked!!!  Luckily the sun dried everything and we were back at it after nap!

Will's favorite thing was the basketball hoop.  He just stood there throwing the ball into the hoop over and over again.  And then when it was time to come in there was some protesting about the fact that he couldn't play with the ball anymore.  I guess I was being a pushover, because he got to bring the ball into the house!  That doesn't happen very often, but his face was too cute to not give in this once!

Miles' favorite thing was freedom.  So often I have had Miles confined to the stroller.  It has either been too cold or he hadn't been walking when we were outside last.  Now, he is a very good walker so I decided to let him have some freedom.  He also loves balls and couldn't wait to chase them down.  At one point he decided to throw a ball.  He went to pick it up and then he threw it again.  He went to pick it up and then threw it again.  At his point I wonder what he was thinking.  I ask this because he was making his way down the driveway.  Was he trying to escape?  I followed quietly behind him to see how far he would go.  He made it just past the mailbox when he decided to check to see if I was watching.  When he saw that I was right there, he corrected his path and went back towards the garage.  What a little stinker!

Harrison's favorite activity was playing 'bat.'  He likes to throw the ball up in the air and then hit it.  He is very good at this for a 4 year old.  He likes it even better when you toss the ball to him, but either way he is content.  I got his baseball glove out and we played catch for a little while but that wasn't as exciting as hitting the ball.  He starts Bam-Bam in a couple of weeks.  I am sure that he will be a great hitter!  Luckily there is no catching with a glove in this league.  Bam-Bam is a starter league and they play with a ball that is fairly soft and bigger than a softball.  Should be fun!

All and all, we are ready for Spring!  

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