Friday, March 27, 2009

New toys

We went up to my parents a couple of weeks ago and a house that was 3 or 4 doors down from them had some play equipment in the front yard by the curb.  It looked kind of junky and had a FREE sign on it.  I wondered why my mom hadn't been down to scope it out yet.  When we got in the house, I asked my mom if she had been sleeping on the job.  About two minutes later, her and Chris were on their way down the street.  Next, dad was firing up the truck and heading down the street.  Back they came with a sandbox and a play structure.  They looked horrible!

Dad took them to through the car wash later in the week and then brought them down to our house.  I can't believe they actually turned out to be pretty nice!

No sand in the sandbox, yet.  Bennett likes to drive though!  Should we tell him to keep his eyes open?!?!
Harrison wanted to pose for the camera.  This is one of about 8 shots I have of him.  Some with hood up, some with hood down.  Some standing, some sitting.  You get the picture.  It was hysterical.  "Now take one where I am smiling with my head tilted..."
Will really enjoyed the slide, but getting there was another story.  He had a little trouble at first with the ladder but quickly figured it out.  Then he left to go play basketball.  When he came back he had a tennis ball in one hand and a baseball in the other.  First he was puzzled and then VERY frustrated because he couldn't figure out how to get up the ladder with the balls in his hands.  Poor guy!

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