Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ear Drop Hell

I have never given my children ear drops.  And as I found out it is not very fun to do.  

We went home to Davenport this past weekend and on Saturday night we put the boys to bed and then remembered that Bennett needed his antibiotics and ear drops.  We got his stuff together and went to administer the pain!  They were surprised to see us walk through the door.  We told Bennett what we were there for and then he surprised us.  He rolled over onto his side and kind of arched his back and closed his eyes.  Then he just laid there real still.  I looked at Chris and smiled.  Then I said "Bennett, are  you asleep?"  About 3 or 4 seconds went by before he whispered "Yes."  It was hysterical!  And then he kept his eyes closed and just laid there like we were going to leave!  So funny!

We gave him his medicine, put the ear drops in and he cried the whole time.  Then when it was all over he smiled and rolled back over.  Time for sleep I guess!

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