Monday, March 16, 2009

Hello Spring!

Spring doesn't officially start until Friday, but we got the weather a little early so let's take advantage, shall we!!!

Saturday was gorgeous!  What a perfect day for sweatshirts!  I love weather where I can wear flip flops and sweatshirts.  So comfy!!!!  

We decided to take the boys to Grays Lake for a leisurely stroll.  I guess a definition of leisurely should have been given to Harrison before we got there.  I don't think I am exageratting when I say he probably went twice as far as we did.  It is a 2-mile trail around the lake and Harrison ran most of the way.  Since he was running he would get ahead of us and then have to come back (or wait - which he never did) to us because he was getting too far ahead!  He had so much fun!  And yet, when we got home - no nap was taken.  "I tried, Mom.  But I am just not sleepy."

Bennett and Harrison loved the walking bridge over the lake.  This was the only time Bennett decided to get out of the wagon and I think it took us longer to get over that 1/4-mile stretch of bridge than it did the rest of the trial.  He moves at his own pace, you know!
Bye-bye bridge...

While at the lake we got to watch a beautiful show of bald eagles.  I think in total we saw 7 of them.  And we think that at least 3 of those were immature eagles since they didn't have their white heads yet.  It was amazing seeing them in the tree and so close, but then it really got cool when we went farther up the trail and 2 eagles were hunting for fish in the lake.  Up and down, up and down.  We even saw one of the eagles get a fish and watched him eat it in the tree.  Waaaay fun!

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