Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bye Bye Binky

He did it to himself.  We have rules in this house that we try and live by.  Douglas can be out and about in the house but binky has to stay in the bedroom.  Preferably on the bed, but whatever.  Bennett doesn't always follow these rules and I usually enforce them, unless it has been a long day and I am trying to look for a way to escape the children in my own house for a few minutes before Chris gets home.  Then I might just overlook that fact that he is sitting on the couch, watching tv with Harrison, with Douglas and his pacifier.  Peaceful...

Well, last Wednesday he lost binky.  He either hid it or dropped it.  In either case I didn't look hard and decided to give bedtime a try without a pacifier.  I went through the explanations, there were a couple of tears, but overall, it went great!  Until 9:00 pm.  That was when he woke up the first time.  It took me laying down next to him to get him to sleep.  15 minutes later he was up again.  This time we ended up on the couch.  He was up for about an hour until he finally fell asleep.  Again, 15 minutes later he was up again.  Into my bed we went.  He cried and rolled around but finally he was out.  Chris put him to bed when he got home from work.

Not what I really wanted, but not that bad either.  I was a little surprised he woke up as much as he did.  I was expecting the falling asleep thing to be the hardest.  He 'loses' his binky in the night all the time and he never wakes up crying.  But one night down, how many more to go?  I didn't know.

But then I noticed something strange.  We were in the bathroom Thursday morning, getting ready to take Harrison to preschool.  It was about 8:30 am.  I was brushing Bennett's hair and noticed dried ear wax all over his left ear.  And it was gross.  It looked like at one point it had been really wet and had dried in and around his ear.  I was in a hurry and cleaned him up and we got in the van for school.  

As most of you know, I am a little too laid back when it comes to certain  things.  This didn't really have me worried, after all, he was acting fine, it was just in the back of my mind - what happened?  On the way to preschool Bennett was sticking his finger in his left ear.  Hmmm...  O.K. I'll call the pediatrician just to see what that could have been.

In a gross back story, Bennett has incredibly waxy ears.  Every time he has his ears checked, the doctor has to get our her little tool to remove wax so that she can see down the canal.  Strange, I know.

The nurse calls me back and I explain what I found.  She immediately say - 'Oh, well he needs to be seen.'  Well, what the hell does that mean?  Should I rush to the ER?  We set an appointment and head to the doctor.  We get there and sure enough she has to did enough ear wax out of his ear to build a full sized Tyra Banks for the Madame Tussaud museum.  Gross!!!!  Then she lets me know the shocking news that Bennett has ruptured his ear drum.

Luckily this is not completely serious.  He had an ear infection that was severe enough to cause his ear drum to rupture.  The rupture will heal with ear drops and time and unless he has multiple ruptures, which is unlikely, there is no danger of hearing loss.  

So I kind of feel like I did with Chris when he had the serious concussion that I ignored!  I didn't really ignore him Wednesday night, but I could have given him some tylenol or something.  And I totally would not have chosen to take his binky away at a time when he was sick.  I would have searched harder or even gone out and gotten a new one.  Granted, I wanted him to be done with it.  It was time,  but... I felt like a bad mom.  There really were no other symptoms.  No fever, complaining, nothing.  Very strange.

In the end - bye bye binky!!!

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