Sunday, March 1, 2009

Play-doh fun

We have different stages of love for Play-doh in my house.  Bennett ranges from wanting me to smash it flat so that he can press shapes into it from wanting to take it in and out of the container.  Harrison usually likes to use the tools.  He cuts, he presses, he makes hair, etc.  For whatever reason we rarely manipulate the Play-doh with our hands.  Today I reminded him that he could build things with Play-doh like snowmen and snakes.  He declared that he could make a great snake.  And then said "But wait.  How do I do that?"  Very comical.  We made some snakes and then I re-taught him how to make a ball as well.  Soon he was making his very first snowman all by himself.  It was like he had forgotten that you could manipulate Play-doh into 3-D objects.  He was so proud of his accomplishment.  I left him alone for a couple of minutes to go get my coffee, read the paper, etc.  Soon he was saying "Mom, look.  Look!"  I look over and he has made a sun and is holding it up in the air.  

"Look!  The sun came out and the snowman is meeeelllltttiiinnnggggg."  As he is saying this he is holding the sun up with one hand and smashing the snowman with the other.  Soon there was a flat piece of Play-doh where the once brilliant snowman had stood.  He was laughing and looking quite proud of his creativity.  

It was his first claymation short film and it was brilliant.  Next time we do actual filming!!

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