Friday, March 27, 2009

Let's test

Harrison continues to be the words-worth of the family.  He likes words and is always trying to say them correctly or even make his own words up.    The last couple of days he has been testing me with phrases.  Today, with a hint of attitude, he told me "It doesn't matter."  This was in response to me telling him to read books during quiet time.  Just from the hint of attitude and the quizzing look I was receiving told me that he was wondering if this was an appropriate way to argue his case.  He found out that it was not.  But, that didn't prepare me for the next phrase he was going to try on me.

"Well, thanks A LOT!"  Harrison, age 4

Harrison started to complain that he had a tummy ache and I told him to go to the bathroom and see if that made him feel better.  Usually this works and usually I don't have to specify - sit down and try to poop!  Today he came back from the bathroom and said "Well, thanks A LOT!" with all kinds of attitude.  I responded "Excuse ME?" to which he responded "Well,  (pause) thanks a lot?" in the meekest, most inquisitive voice you can think of.  It was very comical.  I asked him what he was thanking me for and he went on to explain that pottying didn't help his tummy.  I didn't have to explain that wasn't how we talk to our mothers. :)

What a child...

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