Monday, March 16, 2009

All hail King Will

We went on a walk this morning.  It was the first time I have taken the boys on a long walk.  I have always feared that they would get fussy or tired or cause me some kind of trouble, so we usually just go up and down the street, staying fairly close to the house.  Today we went around the block!  Did you know it can take 1 1/2 hours to get around the block?  It can.

Will and Bennett started out in the wagon but Will soon decided that he wanted to walk like Harrison.  This caused Bennett to want to get out of the wagon and thus the real slow down began.  

Harrison wants to be in front.  He runs ahead, runs back, etc.  This process usually never changes on our outings unless we are alone.  And by alone, I mean just him and me or him and Dad, etc.  He then has your undivided attention and that seems to satisfy him into staying with you.  Anyway, Will was content to try and keep up with Harrison or at least follow his lead and walk.  On the other hand, there are too many things in this great, fine world to rush Bennett.  He has to stop and look at a rock, he has to pause to bark at a dog, he has to get excited and fall over at the sight of a squirrel so close.  So much to look at to worry about going anywhere.  This eventually caused great discomfort for Will and Harrison.  "Come on, Bennett!!!" was a common phrase from Harrison.  I was constantly asking Harrison and Will to stop and wait while I went back to retrieve Bennett from his latest discovery.  Finally he took interest in the wagon and we moved along like a turtle instead of a snail!

About 1/2 a block from home, Will decided he had enough walking and climbed back into the wagon.  Servant Bennett at your service!!!

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