Sunday, March 8, 2009

Parent/Teacher Conference

I had my first parent/teacher conference last week.  I hate to say it but I was nervous.  What is someone else going to say about my monster?  How does he act when I am not around?  Is he respectful?  Does he play nicely with his friends?  What activities does he choose?  Like I said, I was nervous.  And then to top it off, Chris couldn't make it because... well whatever.

So, off I go to meet with Mrs. Margaret.  As a side note, she is not my favorite teacher.  She is ok, just not my favorite.  She says things like "Boys will be boys" and tells me that she directs Harrison to play with certain friends - all boys.  Now I have nothing against boys, but Harrison can choose his own friends and I have seen many a boy act just like a child and nothing else.  This soap-box could go on but back to the point...

Harrison is doing wonderfully!!  He is ALWAYS respectful to his teachers and ALWAYS uses his words with his friends (Ummm, can we get this behavior at home, please!).  He is actively engaged in various activities and always has a good time.  He can recognize almost all of his letters and numbers and is a joy to have in class.  I got a neat little assessment of his accomplishments and representations of his writing and his cutting skills.  Way to go on the cutting!  He cut out an entire stop sign and it was almost all on he lines.  I was impressed!  

The thing that impressed Mrs. Margaret the most was when she asked Harrison to spell his name and he sang the HARRISON song to her.  I have taken this for granted as he has been taught this song by my parents since he was 2.  And he has been singing it since then as well.  But she thought it was a real achievement and I happen to agree.  

It is not easy work being the parent of the smartest kid ever, but I will keep plugging away!

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