Monday, November 3, 2014

Novemeber 3

It's a dreary Monday here in Des Moines. The sun made a couple of appearances, but mostly the rain has been itching to begin. Sounds like an evening for the couch, a warm blanket and a gory book (A Feast for Crows!). Maybe a nice game of Phase 10 with the boys... :)

Happiness equals reality minus expectations. ~ Tom Magliozzi (Car Talk co-host)

Beth - I am thankful for recipes. I could spend infinite amounts of time looking through recipes and pictures of food.

Christopher - I am thankful to be invited to have Thanksgiving dinner with the Shockey's.

Harrison - I am thankful for my family and love.

Bennett - I am thankful for school. I like my friends.

Rocco - I am thankful for my cars. They are my favorite. I like car lines.

Emma - I am thankful for Donald Duck.  I love to hold Donald Duck and then repeat Donald Duck.  Donald Duck.  Donald Duck.  And then I laugh.

Rocky - I am thankful for the O-ball.  I LOVE to throw it around and chase it!

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