Sunday, November 2, 2014

November 2

More soccer was on the schedule for today.  Harrison and his team played in this tournament last year and got creamed in all 3 games. It is amazing what a year will do. This years record was 2 wins, 1 tie, 1 loss (in the championship game...) and a shoot-out victory. I am very proud of all of those boys. A great 2nd place finish in a tough tournament. They work hard, but most importantly they all have so much fun.  There is always laughter and joy on their faces. Last night was kind of hard on me as the goalie for the team that we played the shoot-out against let the field crying. Some of the same things happened today as some of our boys left the field crying. They wanted to win so bad. In the end, these are just a bunch of little kids out there. I hate the pressure they find themselves under. Sports is supposed to be fun! I just hope Harrison & Bennett can continue to enjoy playing.  The minute I sense otherwise, they are done!

Nothing is yours permanently and you better enjoy it while it's happening. ~ Joan Rivers

Beth - I am thankful for eos lip balm. It is one of the best things ever.

Christopher - I am thankful for the warm up in weather.  Beautiful day out!!

Harrison - I am thankful for my violin and that I got my violin homework done.

Bennett - I am thankful for my house. It is cool.

Thankfulness 2013

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