Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November 5

The boys have friends their age that live behind us in the apartments on Kingman. Nico and Natalia. They are wonderful. But today, as with most days, I have to practically beg Harrison and Bennett to stay home. And all to no avail. They choose to play outside in nature with their playmates, building pretend camp fires, playing four square, challenging each other into made up games of tag/hide-n-seek. Why can't they play with me? Lol. I love our neighbors and I adore the relationship that my boys have with them. And of course it is awesome that they are outside, wearing each other out and laughing and having fun. And it has also gotten all the kids in trouble a couple of times and taught them all important lessons. All good things. But today on this early-out, I'm yearning for January snow in's and board games on the living room floor. (With full awareness of February boredom and cabin fever and the yearning to shove them out the door!)

It is not happy people who are thankful; it is thankful people who are happy. ~ Unknown

Today I am thankful for zulily. My new slippers are here!!  :)

Christopher ~ I am thankful that my parents and aunt and uncle made it safely to Hawaii.

Harrison ~ I am thankful for my education because some people in the world are not as lucky as me to get one so easily.

Bennett ~ I am thankful for my bed. (I asked Bennett as he was getting into bed tonight. He was tired and a bit cranky and didn't want to be thankful for anything. After some suggestions and some prodding he came up with bed. I thought this to be kind of a good one as he does love his bed. It is positioned under Harrison's bed and he feels like he is in his own little cave!)

Emma ~ I am thankful for the music player toy that Beth has. I press the button, giggle and then laugh at the fun songs!

Rocky ~ I am thankful for my daddy. He came and got me early so we can go home and snuggle.

Thankfulness 2013

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