Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Early out Wednesday

I wouldn't change it for anything. Never, no never. Your friendship is the best present ever. ~ Tigger

I am thankful for friends and relationships in all aspects of my life. Today specifically, Harrison had a basketball game and I got to visit with 4 families that we know from the Downtown School and then I went to coffee with Heather and Maegan and had a wonderful conversation. Thank you to all my friends. I am blessed.

Christopher is thankful that I had help covering at work so that I could pick the kids up from school.

Harrison is thankful for intelligence because without intelligence the human race would get no where.

Bennett is thankful for Guess Who. I like to play games with Mom and Harrison in the morning during breakfast.

Miles is thankful for school and early outs. It's a day off from math and I love math but I don't like to do it everyday.

Annabelle is thankful for Mommy. (I asked why..) Because she let me come over to your house to see baby Rocky. Finally!

Rocco is thankful for cookies. "You make the best cookies in the world, ever." (Aw, well thank you Rocco!)

Rocky is thankful for good naps. (and Beth is too!)

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