Friday, November 14, 2008

Where did he come from?

One more 'trip to school' story for you today.

I was getting the kids in the car this morning and I had Miles all buckled in and Harrison was getting himself buckled in.  "No mom, I CAN DO IT.  GEEZ!"  It was like he was emotionally hurt that I thought he couldn't handle the situation.

I went around the car and started getting Bennett all buckled in.  Here's the conversation that follows:

Harrison:  "Well, I see Will's not here today."

Me: "Yup."

Harrison:  "He must not be feeling well.  Remember that fever he had yesterday?  Poor guy."

Me:  shaking my head and biting my lip so not to laugh - "Yeah, I hope he feels better."

Harrison:  "Me too.  I don't want Bennett to be lonely while I'm at school with all my friends.  But Miles is here and he LOVES Miles."

Me: smiling "Yes, I think they will have..."

Harrison: interrupting "MOM - I can't get this buckled!  Can you PLEASE just help me?"

At this point there may have been strong words coming from me so I will spare you all the details that follow.  It was nice that he said please though wasn't it?

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