Saturday, November 15, 2008

ISU - Losers again...

Pretty boring day at the Neipert household today.  It started out at 12:40 am as I was awoken by Harrison.  There he was, standing there in vomit covered pajamas.  "Mom, I got sick and spit up."  Spit up?  Umm, Harrison, I think they call that gooey, gross substance puke!  Thank goodness he was wearing one piece pj's and I didn't have to take them off over his head.  But, alas, I still had to put him in the bath tub.  He must have barely woken up and just thrown up while still on his back.  There was vomit everywhere around his neck and in his hair.  I tried to clean him up with the wash cloth, but it just didn't work.  He shivered like a wet puppy the whole time in the bath.  I got him out and warmed up and into my bed.  I clearly explained to him that the next time he had to throw up there was a bowl right here that he needed to use.  By 4:35 am he must have forgotten because now my bed sheets were being stripped.  Luckily, this time he was on his side and managed to not get it on himself (or me!).  So, now onto the couch.  Chris was already there so Harrison got the love seat and I got the recliner.  Not the most comfortable arrangement for me, but I was tired so it worked. 

Chris was going to the last home Iowa football game so I was not looking forward to a sick child all day by myself.  So when I was awoken at 8:00 am to "Mom, Bennett's awake" I was pleasantly surprised to find a very well Harrison standing in front of me.  No tummy ache, no body aches, no anything.  Hmmm.  

By 8:30 am I was reminded that just because a child feels better it doesn't mean they are better.  "Mom, I went poopy in my pants.  I don't know how it happened and I am so sorry.  Can you help me."  Ahh, diarrhea.  After 1 pair of pajama pants and 2 pairs of underwear, Harrison managed to control his diarrhea til he got to the toilet and by noon he was completely healed.  Weird stuff, the flu!

So I called Kari and Claudia to report that Harrison was ill and Kari informed me that Will had some mild diarrhea but otherwise he was fine.  I had left a message for Claudia and she called back to report that, in fact, Miles was sick.  Again.  He was throwing up everything she gave him.  Even water.  This was the 3rd weekend in a row for Miles.  First the salmonella, then pneumonia, and now the flu.  That poor kid can't catch a break.  And at this point I don't know if I feel more sorry for him or his parents.

Chris gets home from the football game around 5:00 pm and I couldn't be happier.  Bennett clings to me like no other.  I can't wait for a little daddy time so I can bury my head anywhere without children.  5:30 pm - ring, ring.  Who is calling me?  Oh - it's my cousin, Marc.  "What are you doing for the next couple of hours.  Want to go to the ISU game?"  "Didn't the game already start?"  I ask.  Before he can answer I say yes - but what am I going to wear?!!!  It's like 12 degrees outside!

We got to the game with about 6 minutes left in the 2nd quarter and ended up having a really great time.  It was really not quite as cold as I thought it would be and I like hanging out with Marc.  We live so close yet see so little of each other.  ISU of course lost, but there were glimmers of hope for next year.  Always next year... 

Now I'm at home, still wearing 3 long sleeved shirts and 3 pairs of socks, not yet quite warm enough to take them off.  So overall, I guess November 15th wasn't as boring as I had hoped it would be.  Here's to looking forward to a boring November 16th!

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