Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Stop, Drop and Roll

So Harrison was running around the house yesterday.  I try to limit the 'running' in the house, but was pretty much ignoring him at this point.  He had been sick and it had been far to cold to really go outside and play so I was letting it be. 

Sometimes he does this run back and forth thing from the couch to the kitchen.  The whole time he is doing this he says (with his most tired and exhausting voice) "I can't stop running.  My legs just won't let me stop.  Oh, I just can't stop running!"  The whole scene is fairly amusing.

Back to yesterday.  Harrison is running around and is going from the living room, to around the table to the kitchen, etc.  Pretty soon I hear "My butt is on fire!  My butt is on fire!"  OK, hmmm.  "Harrison, what are you doing?"  "Mom, my butt is on fire!"  At this point he is making gestures towards his deri aire and fanning it as to put out the fire.  "Mom, tell me to stop, drop and roll!"  He now runs into the living room and I obediently tell him to stop, drop and roll.  He does so with gusto and lays on the floor quite tired.  He then stands up and says "Whoa, that was close."

Crisis averted, Batman!

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