Friday, January 3, 2014

Quality time

Harrison received a ticket to the Monster Truck Show for his birthday and tonight was showtime.  My cousin, Marc usually gets the boys tickets instead of tangibles.  Which I think is AWESOME.  They have been to I-Cubs games, Iowa Energy games, a football game and now a monster truck show.  Harrison and Marc both had a good time but agreed that there was a lot of down time (between trucks).  And the best part was not the trucks, but the dirt bikes that came out and did flips and jumps.  I love that Marc does this with the boys.  He loves to spend time with them and they love to spend time with him!

Chris went out with friends after work to shoot some pool so that just left Bennett and I to our own devices.  MOVIE NIGHT!

So we settled in, popcorn, blankets, and pajamas.  Bennett has been quite the activities planner as of late.  We have a list of things that we NEED to do and on what day we NEED to do them!  Family game night, movie night, Science Center Saturday, etc.  Planner, planner, planner!  He was elated that he got to pick the movie (Wreck-It Ralph) and that his brother wasn't hear to argue with him.  He also got to have the small electric blanket, which he cranked up to 10, all to himself.  And when I say to himself I mean him and five of his closest friends.  Lol.

Christopher got home around 9 and Harrison didn't get home until after 10.  Of course Bennett couldn't be convinced to go to bed until Harrison got home so it was a bit of a late night for all of us, but I wouldn't trade that kind of time for anything.

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