Thursday, January 2, 2014

Back to School

The boys and I did not get a full two week break as Des Moines Public started back today.  I missed my littles but I could have used another day (or two) home with my babies.

Harrison started back with an invitation to participate in a History/Geography Fair.  He is very excited and wants to work on it with a friend.  He mentioned doing a project on a president, but we will have to wait and see what his friend thinks.  This is part of a TAG program that Harrison was invited to participate in.  He is really looking forward to some added challenges to his day.

Speaking of challenges, Harrison got a chess board for Christmas.  He beat me during our first teaching game last night.  I won't mention the 1/2 dozen times we had to reverse moves so that I wouldn't have him in check-mate anymore…  Or maybe I will mention the 1/2 dozen times I had to reverse moves...

Bennett started back to school a little disappointed that his reading group was over.  In mid-November, Bennett was identified as needing some extra help with his reading.  Ms. Clark (Literacy Leader/Magician) took on a group of students and they met three times a week.  Bennett was hesitant to go, but that changed after day one.  He loved it!  And when they finished at the end of December he had made huge strides.  He is finally back on track for grade level and feeling much more confident.  Before he would ask for help without even trying and now he reads and sounds out most words and doesn't ask for help until after he really needs it.  We are very proud of him and extremely grateful for Mrs. Mathews and Ms. Clark.

Bennett also had a follow up ENT appointment today.  His ears are quite bothersome.  Back in early December, Bennett came home with a very sudden and very painful ear ache.  At 1:20pm he told Mrs. Mathews that his ear hurt.  At 1:30pm, Andy picked the boys up (early out) and he told Andy that his ear hurt.  At 1:40pm he walked into the house crying uncontrollably because his ear hurt so bad.  A quick dose of ibuprofen took the pain away but I was concerned none-the-less.  We couldn't get him into the ENT, but his pediatrician got him in and he had a double-ear infection.  So after 10 days of meds we went to see the ENT.  The ENT found a large, hard piece of wax in Bennett's right ear.  He tried to get the wax out (we have had this before and he got the wax chunk) and he couldn't.  He prescribed ear drops to loosen the wax and then brought us back today to see if he could get it out.  Dr. Schulte got most of the wax out, but is concerned that the ear tube that he put in 3 1/2 years ago is still there (the left one is out).  So…  more ear drops for 2 more weeks and then back again.  Hopefully the tube will have loosened and may have even fallen out by then.  If not, Bennett might need to be put under to get it out because it is so sensitive there, i.e. painful to do this.  The ear drum is currently not infected, but it is irritated and that is what Dr. Schulte wants to see go away.  I am irritated as well.  I don't deal well with chronic problems and I certainly don't deal well with the thought of my baby being put under for a procedure.  Ugggg.

Christopher spent a cold day in the office as there heat was out.  One of his coworkers even wrapped himself in a blanket while at his desk.  I would have opted for the "I"m staying home til you get it warm in the office" option, but they soldiered on.

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