Tuesday, January 7, 2014


My Iowa State Cyclones are amazing.  They always have been and they always will be.  The college campus is a dream.  Picturesque.  Inviting.  Historic.  The people are the best.  Friendly.  Helpful. Caring. (I mean, come on - it's the state of Iowa!)  And the athletics are passionate.  I love Cyclone athletics.  Top-ranked volleyball.  Paul Rhoads and his football team (losers on the scoreboards but winners in all our hearts).  And basketball.  I went to a men's game in 1993 and experienced Hilton Magic at it's finest.  Johnny Orr entered the arena to the Tonight Show theme.  The crowd went wild!  Our opponent that night was #12 Oklahoma.  Tough, tough game and it came down to the end.  I thought my parents were going to have to drag me away that night.  Fred Hoiberg hit the winning shot and I fell in love.  Swoon.  And I have swooned ever since!  I couldn't believe the news when I heard Iowa State had hired Fred to be the head basketball coach.  What a dream come true!!!  The mayor!  Back where he should be.  Home.

And this year has been so amazing so far.  The mens basketball team is unbeaten with a record of 14 - 0 and ranked #9.  Tonight they beat #7 Baylor.  I had to work, so I missed the game, but I kept up on the score all night.  What a wild ride!  Tomorrow night the unbeaten women, with a record of 13 - 0 and a ranking of #11 face Texas Tech.  It seems like an easy win (but there are never easy wins in the Big 12 and we are Iowa State!).  If they win tomorrow night we will have a combined 28 - 0 record.  We are the only college in the nation with both men's and women's teams unbeaten.  Seriously awesome!!!

The ride will end.  And that is ok.  It will be sad and frustrating, but that is the game.  I am enjoying every single minute of our current success and I will cheer them on louder and stronger when and/if they lose.

Here is a great, great article about being a Cyclone.   Love.  "…we have fan support that transcends winning and losing," Pollard said.   Fans love their Cyclones!

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