Monday, January 6, 2014

(No)Snow day!

School was cancelled for today.  The temperature was -12 F when I got up and with the wind chill it felt like -33 F.  Crazy cold.  I thought for sure we would stay in all day, cuddle, watch movies and drink hot cocoa.  Turns out I was wrong.

Harrison was thoroughly disappointed that he didn't have school.  He was supposed to go home with a friend after school to work on a project.  So when his friends' mom called and suggested that they still get together, I reluctantly said yes.  Brrrrrrrr!

Mary spent the day with us as well.  So I had to answer the door at 9 am.  Holy cold!  I ushered Mary and Amanda in the door and got that shut quickly.  I got the kids all settled and went about trying to get on the couch and cuddle.  No one wanted to cuddle.  Upstairs.  Downstairs.  Playroom.  Bedroom.  It's amazing how busy 3 kids can be!  I basically left them to their own devices for the morning and that went well.  I just didn't get to sit and cuddle like I wanted.  Laundry, dishes, etc...

After lunch we ran Harrison over to his friends and then stopped at the store, Michael's to pick up some puppet materials.  At this point the temperature was up to -2 F with a wind chill of -20.  COLD!  When we got home we proceeded to make some great owl and fox puppets in the warmth of our home.   Bennett also created a tree with leaves and a nest that he taped to the 'stage.'  Then Bennett found me a seat and I sat through 4 riveting performances of "Fox Tries to Eat Owls Out Of Their Nest."  Riveting, I tell you.

The fabulous puppeteers!

Bennett and Mary are only 4 months apart.  This was their first one-on-one interaction as Harrison or someone else is always around (Mary fancies Harrison…).  I was very happy and pleased to see them get along so fantastically.  It was very sweet.

I had to open the door again later that afternoon to let Marc and Amanda in and then I had to open the door AGAIN to let Harrison in.  COLD I tell you!  Overall it was a great snow day with lovely kids.  I thought I might finally get to settle in with a blanket and a book when I remembered it was Monday.  Off to work I went.  In the cold.  Sigh...

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