Saturday, January 4, 2014


Today was the first lazy day we have had here in weeks.  Halloween, kitchen 'makeover', traveling for Thanksgiving, Harrison's birthday, Christmas, traveling for Christmas, New Year's, holy cow!  It has been a whirlwind of a few months.  So this morning, I got up late, played some chess with Harrison, cleaned my bedroom and took a shower.  I went to visit a friend in the hospital and then watched the Cyclones win #13.  A proud nation we are!  A pretty perfect, lazy day.  And then… a party happened.  And it was awesome!

Kelly had texted me last night that she and Ben and Noah would be in town for the weekend.  I knew there was a possibility that we would get to see them at some point.  She texted again this afternoon to see what we were doing and I texted back "Come on over!"  And pretty soon they did.  And then I texted Claudia.  And they came over.  And then I texted Maegan.  And then they came over.  We really have the best family.  The big boys played ping-pong and watched football, the little boys and little girls played and ran and played.  The big girls sat around and visited, drank wine, and took in the loveliness of our family.

Pizza was ordered.  

Naps were taken.

Chess was played.  (Is it just me or do they look about 16 here?)

 Sleepovers were had.

And fun was had by all.

It amazes me how much I was looking forward to such a lazy day and that really wasn't what the universe had in store for me.  Thank goodness the universe isn't as lazy as me!

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