Sunday, November 3, 2013


Character is a journey, not a destination. ~ President William J. Clinton

I am thankful for sarcasm and wit.  Today at lunch (I was not there), Bennett suddenly said "Wait for it.  Waaaaiiiit for it." and then he belched.  And belched again and said "Ahhhh, that was the one I was looking for."  While recounting the story for me at dinner (I could have lived without knowing this story) Harrison listened to Christopher and Bennett laugh and tell the story and then said "They just grow up so fast these days, don't they."  My children are wonderful, rude, funny, caring, silly, remarkable boys.  I am thankful they are mine.

Christopher is thankful for his wife's painting skills.

Harrison is thankful that he found a Lego piece that he has been looking for for three days.

Bennett is thankful that he got to play outside with Travis and Austin.

Thankfulness 2012

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