Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Soccer 2010

We signed Harrison up for Northwest Soccer this fall.  He had about 10 games and 10 practices.  I complained a little until I realized they were asking him to play again in the spring.  That would mean soccer AND baseball for Harrison and baseball for Bennett.  Talk about complaining!!!  Too much stuff!!  We are going to have a couple of long talks about this upcoming  year...

Anyway, Harrison LOVED soccer.  He played on a team with 5 other players.  Two girls, Sayla and Maddie, and  other boys, Miles, Josh and Aaron.  They were an ok team which was fine by me because they seemed to have a lot of fun just playing.  No scores were kept, but I know Harrison scored the most goals for his team.  Well...

Here are some action shots.

Defending the goal with Miles.

What form!!!

Getting ready for a corner kick.

There was a playground right next to the soccer fields and Bennett spent a good deal of time there.  He was annoyed that we would not go with him, but he had fun regardless!

Harrison's two biggest fans!!!  (Forgot to get a pic of Chris!  Oops!!)

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