Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Field Trip

Me and my baby!!!

Heather and Caden

Heather and I went on Bennett and Caden's field trip a couple of weeks ago.  Miles and Harrison were lucky enough to tag along.  Harrison was on intersession from school and Miles was granted reprieve from nap for a day.  

The 3 amigos

We had a lot of fun and enjoyed so many things.  The hay mound was fun but itchy.  The corn was tempting to throw but we settled on burying people.  There was a scary house that Harrison feel in love with.  Meggan (Bennett's teacher) brought along her son Johnny and her neighbor girls Isabel and Beatrice.  They were out of school as well.  They all went through the scary house over and over! (It was for older kids - Bennett and Caden weren't exactly fans and I didn't even let Miles try.  It was pitch black inside!)  The animals were fun and stinky and there were games to play when we were all done.  It was fun seeing Bennett and Caden with their friends.  They are still very much attached at the hip, but they are playing with others... sometimes!  

Waiting to play the ball toss game

Why won't that pig get up?!?!

Miles enjoying some corn!

Bea and Bennett (she loves him!) 

On our way to the corn pit.  "I will get there first!!!!"

Harrison and Caden.  Caden was not too sure about being on top of that hay mound.  He eventually found his footing and wanted to do it again and again!!

Miles was looking up at the hay-mound.  "I'm next!"

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