Monday, November 29, 2010


Harrison is doing fabulously at the Downtown School.  He loves it and is learning everything that ANYONE says and tells him.  Last week it was a conversation that bounced between ice cream is good for you in small amounts because it has calcium (they are studying health) and "Girls go to Jupiter to get more stupider."  Fun stuff for a Kindergartener!  Who knows what we will learn this week...

A couple of weeks ago Mrs. Mathews team finished their theme on apples.  After each theme they have presentations in which they explain to the parents what they learned.  Harrison made a model of a bee and explained how bees help pollinate apple trees.  A discussion over dinner the night before presentations led to "Girl bees go out and collect the nectar and help pollinate the apple trees and other flowers while boy bees stay at the hive and help the queen make babies."  It all comes down to the birds and the bees people!!!

Harrison did a great job at presentations and gave his speech with no hint of shyness.  I was very proud of him and his whole class!

Here is his whole class singing to start the program.

Here is Mrs. Mathews being one proud teacher (as she should be - she's the GREATEST!!!!)

Here is Harrison addressing the crowd.

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