Saturday, October 11, 2008

More ducks!!!

Last weekend we went to Davenport.  Saturday morning, Pam and I took the boys to Vandeveer Park to feed the ducks.  It sounds like a running theme with us, doesn't it?  Ducks?  Sure we like ducks.  Let's go feed some ducks!
Vandeveer Park is really close to Greg and Pam's house and the boys and I have never been.  It is a great park.  Nice sized lake, great playground equipment and a huge water feature.  We spent a lot of time feeding the ducks and 2 geese.  Bennett was doing the best at throwing the bread and crackers and I was sure he was going to fall into the water.  We tried to sit back and let the ducks come to us,  but they are little bit more shy than the birds in Charles City.  If we moved too quickly or if Bennett screamed with glee to loudly the ducks would flutter away to the water which in turn made the boys go closer to the water.  But luckily we escaped that fate.  No water dunking for us.  Unfortunately that can not be said for the toddler that fell in while we were leaving.  Poor little thing.  He went all of the way under and his mom pulled him out but wouldn't pick him up.  He was cold and crying.  I made the mistake of laughing at them (we were in the car). Harrison picks up on my laugh and wonders why I am laughing at them.  "That's not funny, Mom.  You said it was dangerous to fall in the water."  Now what do I do?  How do you explain to a 3 year old that you are not laughing at them, you are just laughing at the situation?  It took awhile and I still don't think he approved of my behavior.
This is Harrison's way of shielding himself from the sun.  He truly does not like the sun.  Whenever we are outside he comments on the fact that it is too sunny or that this is the 'perfect place' because it is in the shade.  
Both Harrison and Bennett wanted to climb around the fountain.  We let Harrison, but Gma wouldn't let Bennett to far from her grip.  He falls enough as it is we don't need any broken bones!

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