Saturday, October 11, 2008

Catch up

I have not been busy.  I have not been lazy.  I have just been doing other things and I apologize to you loyal readers out there that have been deprived of my wonderful writings this past week.  I will try to get you all caught up in the next couple of days but I am not promising anything.  I usually try and blog in the evenings but my neighbor and I started walking in the evenings about 2 weeks ago and it has been harder to find time but I will try. 

Christopher and Harrison went to Davenport again this weekend.  They are cutting down a tree in Greg and Pam's front yard.  That left me with the little terror I call Bennett.  We had a grand morning of Farmer's Market, Barnes and Noble, Kidding Around, Toys-R-Us and then home.  Toys-R-Us might have been a mistake.  I didn't buy anything - just browsing for upcoming holidays and birthdays - but Bennett did decide that 1:30 pm is waaaay past his special time with Douglas and told me about it by going 'boneless' and screaming as loud as he could because it was time to put the toy microwave back on the shelf.  Poor kid.  What kind of a mother takes a toddler into a toy store and doesn't buy him anything?  

Anyway - he is off in Dreamland now and I am able to catch up on this weeks activities.  Happy reading!

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