Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Day for Creation

We had a special Sunday this week with Sunday School and church out at Jester Park Lodge.  It was beautiful and fun and I tried to spoil it by bringing Bennett along.  I know, that's mean, it's just that I don't usually take Bennett to church.  Usually he stays home with Chris.  He thinks it is fun in large spaces to make little noises to see if they will echo.  Once he finds out that they do echo he makes the little noises a little louder.  And then a little louder until he is eventually making them as loud as he can without technically screaming.  We had that little bit of fun in the middle of church today. 

But, before that, Harrison had Sunday School.  It was a multi-age group today and we were outside.  Sheryl, the leader, read the story of Creation from the bible that the 3 year olds had gotten from church a few weeks ago.  Harrison and I have read this story a few times but it was fun to see him listen to it and then put it into practice.  After they read the story, we went on a hike to gather 10 things that God created.  Harrison decided that 10 different things were not his cup of tea.  He gathered 2 leaves, 6 acorns, 1 stick and that was it.  He didn't want anything else.  The cutest thing was watching him put the things in his bag.  In went a leaf.  "And it was good" Harrison would say.  In went an acorn.  "And it was good" he would say, over and over until he had all nine.  He gave no reason for not wanting 10 things.  I would pick something up and he would just shake his head.  But watching him say 'And it was good' was one of the funniest things.  Very cute.

We played Bingo with God's creations and everyone won a prize.  A piece of gum.  Harrison hates gum.  We have actually seen him get mad when we are chewing gum.  He gets exasperated and says stuff like 'WHY do you like it?!!!'  When he found out what the special prizes were he looked at me, within earshot of Sheryl, and said "I don't like Sheryl Surprises!" and walked away.  Poor Sheryl looked at me and I just laughed.

Church was also about creation and I really do love our pastor.  She gives the most honest and heartfelt sermons.  You always leave wanting to be a better person but never feeling like a bad person.  I believe this is no small feat as most pastors I have heard usually make you feel like you are not good enough.

I actually can not believe I heard or comprehended anything at church today.  Bennett is just a 1 1/2 year old terror.  He doesn't want to listen, he doesn't want to stay in one place, he doesn't want to agree with anything you say.  Typical, I know, but none-the-less frustrating when you are out in public.  At home I just let him cry or fuss when he doesn't get his way, and I do try that when we are out, but the way people look at you when you are out doesn't always make you feel good.  I try and think they are saying:

"Oh, look at that poor single mother of two.  If she just had some help from their father it would be an easier row to hoe.  But they will succeed.  She is bringing them to church to learn God's love and they won't abandon their children like their own father."

That always makes me feel better.

We got home from Jester Park Sunday and I was ready for a nap.  Bennett went to bed and I sat down on the couch to watch a little Planet Earth.  Harrison and Chris walked in and soon they were interested.  Harrison still has a terrible knack for asking questions throughout an entire episode of things like this.  He started in by asking what this program was.  I told him it was Planet Earth and then I asked him who created the Earth.  He looked at me and said 'I don't know.'  I said again, with a little more force "Come on.  Who created the Earth?"  He said "God." and then he paused and said "Or Barack Obama."  

How funny is he?!

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