Monday, May 4, 2009

No! Harrison's!

Now here is a funny phenomenon.  Don't give anything green to Bennett.  We have different colored plastic dishes that the boys use for dinner, snacks, etc.  I handed one to Bennett the other day and he turned it away.  "No green!" he said.  I was a little confused, but didn't want to argue over it at the moment so I switched it out and gave him a different color.  This morning, I gave him a green cereal bowl and I again got "No green!"  I had already poured the milk into the cereal so I pressed the issue and said that he was using that bowl.  He looked at me and said "No!  Harrison's!"  

Looking back on some different situations, I have noticed that Bennett gives everything that is green to Harrison.  He got 2 funny looking balls for his birthday from Pam and Greg.  One was green and one was yellow.  Right away he said 'Harrison' and gave the green one to Harrison.  This has also happened with balloons and some of our garden tools.  I wonder if Bennett will have a favorite color of his own someday? :)

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Meredith Wilcke said...

James uses everything green too. We're in trouble now though because while playing with play dough this morning, he told me that green was no longer his favorite color, it's now blue. Uh oh!