Friday, May 1, 2009

Bam Bam

On April 18th my little boy had his first baseball game.  Our chest's were swelling with pride - until we couldn't stop laughing because of how funny the whole thing was.  I mean, these kids are 4.  Do we really expect them to know where to find first base?

First - the rules of Bam-Bam ball.  There are approximately 6 players on a team.  When the players take the field, they do so with their parents as well.  They line up in sort of a semi-circle in front of the bases and wait for the ball to be hit.  The batters use a large plastic bat and hit a small rubber kick ball off of the tee.  They get one base only as the 6 players on the field tackle each other trying to get the ball.  The fielders then try and get their little hands around this ball to throw it to home base.  The last batter gets a home run and the bases are cleared. 
Harrison's team was out on the field first.  They did really well for the first 'real' game (they had 2 previous practices).  Willy, Jayden, Cooper, Bennett and Gavin are Harrison's team mates.  Cooper and Bennett are twins and their mom must have her hands full.  They kept tackling each other to get the ball.  I think in the 2nd or 3rd inning, their dad put Willy in between them so that they wouldn't have that opportunity anymore!  Harrison fielded the ball several times and only twice did his dad have to come tell him that we were here to play baseball, not mess around with our team mates!
Batting was great!  Harrison was the lead-off batter and he hit the ball off of the tee on the first time all three times.  He even ran the bases correctly!  We were all very proud
And when I say all, I mean that there were approximately 20 people their to watch these 2 teams battle each and 10 of those people were their to see Harrison.  Gpa Greg and Gma Pam, Gpa Gary and Gpa Marilyn, Ryan and Kaylee, Marc and Emily and then of course Bennett and I.  What a cheering section!!!

It was a great time and the part Harrison liked the best was the snack they got at the end of the game.  All the players get to go to the concession stand and pick out a free treat.  Harrison picked Skittles!  Go figure...

Now, game 2.  It was rainy and cold.  We didn't really think they would be having games, but I guess since it wasn't lightning, they don't want to hassle with rescheduling.  Harrison shivered the whole time, but he participated.  And when I say participated, he batted and ran the bases.  He did absolutely no fielding.  He wouldn't even move when the ball came at him.  "I'm too cold!"  He and dad had a talk about that on the way home!

We are looking forward to the rest of the season (4 more games!) and to many more years of little league.

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