Thursday, May 21, 2009

Much Ado About Nothing

Not much going on in our household as of late.  Harrison finishes school tomorrow with a giant ice cream party at 11:00 am.  I bet he will be real hungry for a nutritious lunch.  School has been great for him.  I don't get a lot of feedback from his teachers, but he seems to come home everyday in a good mood and has stories about his friends.  Today he told me he was the kid and Will was his dad and Lauren was the mom and they went on a picnic and he didn't have a time-out because his dad Will doesn't believe in them.  What a riot! 

Harrison has been learning about bargaining lately.  Today he got in trouble (pinched Bennett) and he decided to come to me with a plan.  "I think that I need about (pause) hmmm, (pause), 5 minutes to think about my choice and then I will be ready.  You will play with me when I am ready, right?"  Mostly he tries to figure out how to get his way, which is very typical, but very annoying.  I pick and choose my battles, but somehow he seems to get his way most of the time.  He is very convincing.  And very cute!

Bennett continues to be a terror.  Right now he thinks his body is the funniest thing ever.  "Watch, mommy!"  "Look at this, mommy"  And every time I watch or look he is shaking his head fast or jumping over a toy or trying to do a spectacular cart-wheel.  And every time he is looking for a laugh from me.  It is very hard not to give in.  He is very cute!

Overall, I guess I am just a big pushover and my kids are going to be holy-terrors because they are always getting there way! 
Oh - and speaking of holy, I was reading Tome's blog the other day and it reminded me that Harrison said something very funny and VERY inappropriate last Sunday.  As as preface to the story, Harrison is fascinated by all of the portrayings of Jesus in the church.  So, we were walking up to church and there is a water fountain out front that has just recently been turned on.  Since Bennett was with us (he usually is not)  Harrison wanted to show it to him.  They were looking into the water and what not and Harrison's eyes were looking around.  Suddenly he noticed that a statue of Jesus is at the head of the fountain and he said "Oh my God!  It's Jesus!"  I was mortified as there were others standing around the fountain.  I quickly stifled my laugh and bent down to remind him that we say gosh.  He looked at me and said "Oh yeah (pause), but do you see Jesus?  I see Jesus!"  We quickly left the fountain and proceeded inside!    

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