Friday, May 8, 2009

But seriously,...

Bennett is almost like a whole new person lately.  He still does all of the crazy things he has always done, he just does them a whole lot better and then some!  He is still way adorable and has a smile that melts me almost every time.  He just recently got himself and Miles in trouble with that smile.  It was nap time and I usually sit in the chair while Miles and Bennett get settled in bed.  Instead of getting settled, Bennett was being all squirrely and making Miles laugh.  This all culminated by Bennett standing on his bed acting like a gorilla.  In turn, Miles stood up in his bed and started mimicking Bennett.  So at this point I have two frustratingly cute monkeys that are supposed to be going to sleep.  I looked at Bennett to tell him to stop and he flashed me that famous smile.  I couldn't keep a straight face.  This little episode got Miles sent back to my bedroom to take his naps.  We will see if they are allowed to be in the same room again - it might take some time!

Here are some more of his wonderful talents:

  • He is getting more and more acrobatic.  Last weekend he was balancing between two landscaping rocks saying "Watch, Mom!  Watch, Dad."  He also likes to go off the couch hands first and balance like a wheel barrow.  And he dives, head first, into the pack-n-play.  That was scary the first time I saw it.  It was like watching someone attempt a somersault but not tucking their body into themselves.  Crazy kid! 
  • He walks up and down the deck stairs without holding the rail.
  • He runs with his elbows tucked up into his sides and says 'Run, run, run...'  Way cute.  Like a mini man on a mission.
  • He comes up with more words and phrases everyday.  The newest one is "Oh, o.k."  He says this anytime I give him a direction to go do something and he is agreeable to the idea.
  • He uses the potty.  By this I mean he goes and stands in front of the toilet and lifts up his shirt.  He then stares at the water and waits.  After he is 'done' he looks at me or Harrison and says "Bye-bye potty" and we flush the toilet.   
  • He is constantly telling me to "Come here, Mommy."  He then usually says "Watch this!" and laughs at whatever wonderful feat he has managed.

I just don't know what to do!  I think he has grown 2 inches since his 2 year well baby visit.  His face has elongated and he looks older!!!!!  How did this happen?!?!  I miss my baby, but I am completely in love with this wonderful toddler!

Oh - and the reason for the blog title:

But seriously, will he ever stop drooling?!?!

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