Saturday, February 7, 2009


Greg, Pam, Kaylee and Ryan came this weekend.  Pam's bday was last Saturday and Ryan's is today so we are celebrating by going to Ohana's tonight for Saki-bombs. 

The last 2 weeks, Christopher has been teaching Bennett how to say Uncle Ryan.  The process has been quite amusing.  Chris repeats Ryan over and over and Bennett practices saying it.  He is real deliberate and moves his whole mouth with the word.  Ryyy - aann.  And it is in such a high, squeaky voice.  Very cute.  We are trying to get him to say Kaylee as well but that just comes out as a low sound and a high sound!

Bennett has also done better with everybody this time.  Over Christmas, he was pretty shy and tentative.  He wouldn't really go to anyone but myself, Chris, and Gpa.  This weekend he has been going up to everybody to play and has been having a great time.

I guess he just keeps changing and changing.  This morning he was sitting on the couch and I swear he grew an inch in the night.  He just looked like such a big boy.  I can't even list the number of words he knows and uses.  Egg, 'Where'd he go,' stuck, broke; and that is just a small helping of what I try to decipher every day.  

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