Friday, February 27, 2009

New Bed... almost

Bennett is a sleeper.  He always has been.  When he was an infant and he wanted to sleep, he did.  Just like that.  You would be holding him and he would fall asleep.  He would be playing on the floor and fall asleep.  You put him in his crib and he fell asleep.  It was just the way it was.  (I know, we were lucky.)  

His love for sleep turned into a love for his crib.  As he got older he would almost dive into his crib from your arms.  There was no last hug or cuddle time once you got within 1 foot of the bed.  You should have gotten that out of the way a lot sooner!!!  So when I decided that he was ready for his twin bed I didn't know what kind of challenge we would face.  Would there be tears?  Would there be excitement?  I just didn't know.

A few weeks ago we had some friends spend the night and we had brought Bennett's twin bed up so that their kids could use it.  Instead of taking it downstairs I thought this would be the time to try for the switch.  We brought it into his room and made a big deal of putting monkey sheets on the bed and laying on the bed and saying what a big boy he was.  That night, primed for success, we put him in his new bed.  Didn't make it out the door.  Tears and terror.  Straight back into the crib and asleep in minutes.  

This routine continued for about a week before I gave up and just put him to bed in his crib.  A couple days later I had the idea - take the crib rail off!  This will be the transition!  It was a little rough, because there was some novelty to being able to get up whenever he wanted but overall it was a success.  So today I decided that we would take the crib down for good and roll with what the weekend brought.  I hate to get ahead of myself but I think the transition may be over!  We took the crib down, washed his sheets and he climbed right in and laid down.  It was the cutest thing ever!  It was only 6:00 pm!!!  He just laid there and then sat there with the biggest smile on his face.  Way cute!  When Chris finally did put him to bed, there were no tears and he only got up once.  

Oh - the almost part.  I have to finish painting the head board and the foot board so the bed is actually not a frame right now.  Soon!!!!

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