Thursday, February 26, 2009

Duck Pond

We were on track to get some weather today.  We were supposed to get rain, Ames was supposed to get freezing rain and north of there was supposed to get snow.  Boy did we get rain.  Lightning, thunder, rain, and sleet.  In less than a half an hour my backyard looked like this.
Harrison called it a duck pond.  "I think 100 ducks could land there, Mom!"  There whole back yard is covered in about 4 or 5 inches of water.  I am a horrible parent.  I sent Harrison out to get a picture.

He was too cold to follow directions very well.  I wanted him in a different part of the lawn where I knew the water would have been up to his knees but his teeth were chattering too much for him to hear me.  When he got in he told me his toes were frozen together and he was sure that he was now a duck with webbed feet.  I guess he had ducks on the brain...
This was the entry up to the house.  That is a mix of water and hail.  If you would have tried to get in that way, your shoes would have been soaked.  Thank goodness it was at least warm enough to rain here and not snow.  We didn't have our rain-gage up because it has been so cold we don't want it to freeze so I will have to report later how much total rain we actually got.

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