Saturday, February 21, 2009

Beauty and the Beast

Harrison and I went to the Beauty and the Beast wrestling/gymnastics meet at Hilton Coliseum last night.  It was a lot of fun and the first time Harrison had been to Hilton.  There were over 7000 people there which surprised me, but I guess the promotional 'Beauty and the Beast' stuff worked.  It was also the last home meet for the wrestlers.  

Harrison liked the gymnastics the most.  There was more 'action' there for him than the wrestlers.  I of course was fascinated with the wrestling.  I don't know why I don't go to meets more often.  I have always loved wrestling.  It is such an individual strength sport.  Anyway...

My dad went with us the meet and bought Harrison popcorn and a can of soda.  This excited Harrison the most as I learned when he told his dad about it today.  "Grandpa got me a WHOLE can of pop.  Just for me!  I shared too!"

It was late when we got back home but Harrison hadn't fallen asleep in the van.  I went into his room and brought out his pajama's and it was 9:55 pm.  I told him it was time to get to bead and he said "Seriously?  We just got home.  I want to stay up for a little bit!"  There wasn't much of a discussion - Harrison had an apple and then he decided it was time for bed.  Once in bed he was asleep in a record 30 seconds.  One of the plus's to a late night for Harrison is that he will nap today!  Maybe I will watch a movie!!!  

Oooo - I forgot.  About halfway thru the meet, I saw Cy the Cyclone mascot.  I pointed him out to Harrison and said "Look, there's Cy!"  He didn't get super excited but smiled none-the-less.  A couple of minutes later he smiled real big and said "Look there's Herky again!"  I told him that was Cy!  He looked at me and asked who Herky was.  I simply told him I had no idea who Herky was and that mascot's name was Cy.  He looked at me kind of funny and I just looked away.  My dad finally took pity on him and explained the difference between the two mascots.  Traitor!!!

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jenvan said...

Well done! For all intensive purposes there is no Herky! Only Cy -- you just keep reminding of that no matter what grandpa says!!!