Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Computer time

Harrison watches enough t.v. so I don't really encourage the computer for him.  We play a couple of games here and there but mostly he stays off.  Unless, it is Monday or Tuesday and Ian feels like playing computer.  Ian is the 8 year old that I watch after school and Harrison adores him.  I won't go into detail, but this is not my shining moment as a parent.  While I love Ian and know the good in him, it has taken a lot of patience and extra parenting skills to undo the 'harm' he has taught Harrison.  I digress.  Nothing horrible, my son just didn't need an older, naughtier, brother-with-attitude in his life.

So, Harrison watches Ian play on the computer and they have a grand time.  Last week, Bennett decided to get in on the action.

Ian and Harrison always sit like this.  Ian in the chair and Harrison towering over on the stool.  Bennett went and got his chair, pushed it into the office and sullied right up.  It was adorable!

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